Zimbabwean government expects to collect

$60 Million

using traditional traffic fine collection methods. Imagine how much they would make with...

AI Traffic™

Traffic violation capturing:

Intergrated with AI Vision™ to enable Real Time capture of Red/Amber Crossing, Overspeeding and Wrong way Traffic Violations.

AI Traffic Portal™

Remote configuration and maintenance suite for AI Traffic.

Innovative Display panel design:

A cleaner, more visible display panel to display all three Red, Amber and Green signal states on a single unit.

Pedestrian Ground Notifiers:

Extra display signals for short sighted pedestrians especially children.

More than 8 reasons to deploy AI Traffic in your community today


Reduction in congestions

> $1million

Annual revenue generation


Electricity savings per intersection


Fewer accidents


Reduction in commute times


Less Emissions


More lives saved


Fuel savings

The Future of Traffic Management

As a solution to congestion & traffic violations, we give you AI Traffic™, an intelligent traffic management system that solves traffic related problems in cities, creating a smarter traffic flow, and generates revenue.

AI Traffic Controller

Smaller, Efficient and Intelligent traffic control system.

A smaller and efficient controller that interfaces with the main Traffic lights and other system peripherals.

The controller is responsible for providing the switching functionality and perform intelligent algorithmic decisions to better optimise traffic.

Traffic Violation Capturing

AI Traffic™ is intergrated with Vision™, AI’s Computer Vision and Surveillance Technology, which gives the system the ability to monitor Traffic violations in Real time.

AI Traffic™ can detect the following violations:

  • Vehicles passing through an amber or red light.
  • Vehicles stepping on Yellow lanes or Pedestrian lanes.
  • Vehicles traveling beyond speed limit.
  • Drive wrong side/or wrong way in a one way lane.

AI Traffic Portal™

The portal allows engineers and technicians to monitor and maintain intersections remotely from a single Network Operations Center.

The System offers the following functionalities:

  • Off site controller maintenance.
  • Power Cycling and Resetting the Controller remotely.
  • Real Time Intersection monitoring and traffic surveillance.
  • Corridor synchronization for uninterrupted traffic flow.
  • Violation Image storage.
  • Controller phase duration settings and updates.
  • Real Time Intersection configuration for optimizing durations and phases based on traffic density.

Innovative Display panel

In contrast with existing technologies, the AI Traffic Lights consist of a single unit to display all the three regulatory colors i.e Red, Amber and Green with a timer display functionality.

Pedestrian Ground Notifiers

To increase the safety of pedestrians especially those who have the tendency of operating their mobile devices whilst crossing an intersection, AI Traffic™ employs pedestrian ground notifiers that operate in unison with the main pedestrian modules. They act as extra notifiers for pedestrians operating their mobile devices and children who do not have direct focus on the main pedestrian modules.

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